I am fortunate enough to live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), with the Stiperstones hills on my doorstep. I love photographing the quartzite tors in differing light conditions throughout the year. Framed prints of these photographs and more are available from The Stiperstones Inn.

Walking the Stiperstones ridge is a must!

The Stiperstones is a very distinctive range of hills, its quartzite ridge was formed some 480 Million years ago. During the last Ice Age the summit stood out above the glaciers and was subject to constant freezing and thawing which shattered the quartzite into a mass of jumbled scree mounds surrounding several residual rocky tors. At 536 meters above sea level it is the second highest hill in the county, surpassed only by Brown Clee Hill (540m).

The five-mile (8km) long summit ridge is crowned by several jagged quartzite tors The principal ones are named as follows, from north-east to south-west:

Shepherd's Rock
Scattered Rock
Devil's Chair
Manstone Rock
Cannon Rock
Cranberry Rock
Nipstone Rock
The Rock (how's that for descriptive)

Manstone Rock is the highest of these at 536 meters, and is topped with the trig point. The Devil's Chair is the largest and best known and is the source of many legends. In fact the area around the Stiperstones is rich in myths and folklore, according to one legend, the ghost of Wild Edric (a Saxon Earl who held lands that were confiscated after 1066 and successfully defied the Normans, for a time at least) rides the hills whenever England is threatened by invasion. One story of Edric can be found in “Shropshire Ghost Stories” a book by local storyteller
Sally Tonge (available at The Stiperstones Inn).

Circular walks from the Inn to the Devil's Chair can take anywhere between one and two hours, however some of the the runners of the “Dash and Dawdle” race which takes place here on Boxing Day (26th December) can make it to the Chair and back (five steep kilometers) in just over 20 minutes. For more information please visit

Its very easy to see why I enjoy photographing this dramatic scenery!

Since I was a child of 6, I have had a fascination with Egypt, its culture, its history and its people. This is quite simply my dream destination, and my most favourite photography assignment. The images Of Egypt and My Other Travels have been taken on various visits and are really on this site out of sheer indulgence.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!